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Step 1: Pick a blog name
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  2. What Is a Blog?
  3. 6 Tips for Becoming a Successful Blogger
  4. How to Start a Blog in 12222

Then when I am motivated, focusing on all of those things that give you increased visibility and help you reach your audience, which was the whole point of blogging in the first place…. Yes, absolutely how I am feeling right now. Omg, the number game. Thanks for your insight and how you are feeling too! I really appreciate your sincerity and how real you got with this post. Thank you so much! I have to say as a reader, my reaction is that I hope you get to continue writing and sharing your passion with us eager readers in a way that feels great and meaningful to you.

Aw thanks Aubrey! I really appreciate you writing and letting me know about how my personality shines through via my writing and recipes. Thank you for being a loyal reader. Julie, thank you so much for sharing this. I have been blogging since and I feel all the same things. I really miss the interaction I had with readers on social media. I stopped doing sponsored work this year because I felt like brands were trying to control too much of the narrative in the posts. Yeah, I was most happiest when I stopped doing brand work. The controlling demeanor and micromanagement and the pressure was all just too much.

I love this post. As a blog reader of all types of blogs food, fashion, lifestyle, etc. I miss the more personal connections of days gone by. Those blogs are just another site to me, I still make sure to read and comment on the blogs that are authentic and still put out great content and want to engage the reader and not just make a buck off them. Thanks, Kristie. I feel honored that Kristen mentioned my post in her post today. I just want to create and write. Thank you for your insight and thank you for coming by to write to me!

I totally agree with you Amy!

How To Start a Blog – Beginner’s Guide for 12222

Learning to step away and then blogging when you feel like it is very exhilarating. I hear ya sister!! About 8 years ago I had a blog. Cause I wanted to share and have a place to keep all me recipes. Then came large push of bloggers making money, Instagram, snapchat, Facebook, Pinterest…. If you were the working full time, had a house, a spouse and 4 kids person and tried to have a blog it became way too much.

Who has time to not only write a good, captivating story along with a great recipe…. Congrats to you. I like love your pictures, writing and photos. Take your well deserved break. But, please come back? Thanks for your note! You may thought a long time whether or not to post this, however, if no one complains then how does anything get fixed and how does the average person know what is happening on the other side?

So I applaud you for writing this. Thank you for showing the other side! Ah the state of blogging… I could not agree more with you. Things have changed so much since I started roughly 12 years ago. I still love blogging but my focus has changed too. I post whenever I feel like it and you know what?

My new goal for this year is to stop even looking at traffic.

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I do hate how advertisers can make me feel incompetent because a post is not getting enough readers. My most popular posts are all the older ones, which I think makes sense but any advertiser expects instant results. And a gazillion views on a sponsored post. Looking at traffic does nothing for anyone. Brands all care about numbers and numbers literally cannot correlate to the personal stories of a recipe. Oh, I relate to this on SO many levels.

I started my blog way back in , to chronicle my move from OH to South Dakota, and after getting married and having a child, switched the focus to food, because I like to eat, I like to cook, and I like photography. There was SO much more engagement and community up until I made that switch.

What Is a Blog?

Part of it was having to move to a new platform, as Blog-City anyone remember them? Last summer I stepped back from my blog due my dad passing away and having more pressing things to deal with and work through. It might involve food, it might not. It might be nothing but a chronicle of my weekend activities, if I do anything fun.

I hope you find your balance and some blogging peace of mind. I hear you!! I stumbled upon the chocolate mug cake which was my first, and truly a hit! I just discovered this blog just few weeks ago but it is a main source that I use. I love the portions that you make because as a single 27 year old.. Wow, thank you so much.

Reading that really warmed my heart. I hope to continue to bring you more recipes and inspiration! When money enters the picture, expect the pleasure of doing anything to change. Getting paid means expectations and perceptions shift. Find the joy in doing good while getting compensated. Your value comes with a price tag but also an audience. I recommend you cultivate a third new passion project that is solely your own and continue to build a nest egg from blogging.

Find the gift in two paying gigs? Thanks for your message! I am finding ways to find joy in the blog again! All of your points are well taken and well-spoken. Your photos are so gorgeous! I understand some of your frustrations. Social media has also created the ability for a single unrealistic customer to harm our business immediately because of their one-sided, unwarranted negative review BEFORE we were granted an opportunity to remedy their perceived problem.

Over time as her blog became more popular, ads grew more prominent and blogging became more a vehicle to promote her various products, etc. I now only check in maybe once or twice a month. I applaud you for taking a step back and reassessing what blogging means to you past; present and future. And for sharing that with us. Thanks for your message. I really appreciate it and I enjoyed reading your thoughts. Thanks for the kind words and I agree with you on so many fronts! First, I love your blog, every aspect of it. I get so excited every time you post a new recipe and will continue to check back weekly with anticipation.

Hang in there. I hope you find your spark again. Aw thanks Marcy! I really do agree with you! Do you sign up for my email updates? See, this is how on top of things I am. I came across all of your delicious recipes and started pinning again! I have to say that I can sympathize with the changing tides in blogging.

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I was even trying to remember your maiden name the other day! All of this rambling is to say that you keep doing you. I like reading them whenever I look up your recipes to make them.

6 Profitable Niches/Topics To Start Blogging In 2018 And Earn Money Online

Some of your them are in our permanent rotation, and they are some of my favorites! Truly, thank you for everything, Julie! Thank you so much for taking the time to write me, Karen!! I hope you enjoy the butter chicken!! I completely agree with your words. Blogging is not a fun in these days. I started Blogging 3 years ago on a subdomain and I really enjoyed writing posts.

As I was on blogger, I have installed snow pouring widgets during christmas time. I started to blog on Top level domain since last year. I should say that Blogging is no more a part of enjoyment. I got trapped in fast pace content delivery, seo, paid Marketing, SSL, no follow and do follow links.

Most people started to blog for money. Then I made a decision.

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I will never blog for money. I want to bring the old blogging environment at least on my blog. Yes, I consider Seo, keyword research but will never push content for number game. I love my blogging journey. I got a good job I was thinking what I have to do.

Hey Harsh, It was nice to read your story. I had a blog, which was a failure. But after this article i think i should consider blogging more seriously. For initial couple of years, it is tough to make enough money through blogging as it takes time to build a name and attract decent traffic. It makes sense to have a part time job while working on blogging initially. Quiet motivating post i have ever seen. I am an IT professional. Where should I start from? There are lots of articles online but I want good guidance. I tried earlier as well but could not continue because of lack of correct path to follow.

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Blogging is a amazing platform to earn money as carrier. But first of all we should start it as a part time job and then we get good results we can proceed as the full time. Overall, Great Post. Hello Sir i have select blogging as career and i like it i always feel happy when someone ask me in comment section. Please log in again.

6 Tips for Becoming a Successful Blogger

The login page will open in a new tab. After logging in you can close it and return to this page. Skip to primary navigation Skip to main content Skip to primary sidebar Blogging A few years back, blogging was just one of the hobby, but in we have seen a growth in the terms of bloggers and people who started taking blogging as a career option.

Though one of the biggest dilemmas for people like you who are blogging part-time is: Should you quit your job to become a professional blogger? Page Contents. Subscribe on Youtube. Sharing is caring More. Authored By Harsh Agrawal. Fountainhead of ShoutMeLoud Award winning blog , speaker at various international forums. Life motto: Live while you can! Have a awesome time ahead.. Hi Harsh , I am an IT professional. Truly encouraging and inspiring both at the same time. Thanks for the video especially. What Others Are Reading Blogging. Blogspot and WordPress. Blogger has far fewer design and functionality features.

It also has a less attractive user interface. Good thing is that everything is sorted for you. WordPress requires more attention regarding the setup of a great design, features and maintenance. WordPress gives you full control but has a medium learning curve. This gives you a brief comparison between Blogger and WordPress by looking at the different factors to consider such as ownership, customization options and monetization:. Having complete control and ownership, the look and feel, and the way I present my content are the main reasons why I use and recommend WordPress.

Action Point: Consider which of the above items are essential to you personally and which of the two platforms do a better job at things you care about. A domain name is the address people will type to get access to your blog. Disclosure: This article contains affiliate links. This helps support my blog and allows me to continue making guides like this. If you click my link and make a purchase, I earn a commission at no additional cost to you.

I only promote products that I truly believe will be valuable to you.

How to Start a Blog in 12222

My blog is hosted on GreenGeeks and they have everything you need for a great WordPress experience:. Step 2: Register your free domain name. To get the best value monthly price you need to sign up for 3 years. This is the way most hosting companies set their pricing. Options are the United States, Canada and Europe. Pick the one closest to where the majority of your target audience is.

You always get the best possible deal. Wait for an email with your account login details. This is the easy way to install WordPress. These will be your WordPress login details. Auto upgrade plugins and themes too.