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When Aidan rescues her from her greasy punk boyfriend, he is immediately drawn into her world, which isn't without it's own secrets. Caitlan, however, believes that Aidan is merely a landscape gardener back in London, and has no idea that gangland is trying to pull him back into its own world. Since her mother committed suicide by crashing her car into the Dublin traffic, in which Caitlan was also pronounced dead for six minutes, she suffers with psychotic episodes and distressing migraines.

Aidan is compelled to return to London when his ex-wife calls him, while he is with Caitlan in a hotel room, to say that their son Patrick has been hospitalised with meningitis. He reluctantly leaves Caitlan, only to discover that his jealous ex Judy has lied. Patrick has nothing worse than a head cold. He angrily challenges Judy over this, and retaliates by telling her that he has met someone.

His son doesn't want him to have another woman. When Patrick meets Caitlan, who has journeyed to London to be with the man she loves, Patrick is spiteful to her, and reveals that his father went to prison for killing a man, which is something that Aidan doesn't wish her to know, because he is scared of losing her. Caitlan is upset. But during a schizophrenic episode, in which they have sex, she tells Aidan that it turned her on what he did. How Aidan took a serrated edge blade and sliced Fitzwalter up. Aidan holds Suzanne Markwell hostage in the room above the club in exchange for the DVD to be delivered by his ex-cell mate Dennis Mitchell.

Tom, Ex SAS and soldier of fortune, is enjoying a quiet retirement in an island paradise. An unexpected incident thrusts him back into the world of intrigue and danger from which he had escaped. Set against an idyllic backdrop, Tom struggles against influential enemies who reach into the top corridors of power. Targeted by a Russian arms dealer and a Colombian drug cartel, Tom finds himself in a fight for his life.

Harried by elements within MI6, and abetted by the DEA, he races against time to save himself and the one person he loves. Inspired by real life events, this fast-paced action adventure takes the reader on a roller-coaster ride through the Caribbean and culminates in a gripping finale in Old Windsor, England. Born in Sussex in Andrew Arden is a qualified barrister and has written many books on housing law. But his real love is writing fiction, both under his real name and as Bernard Bannerman where he he has created the lawer private eye Dave Woolf. His boss and most trusted confidant, the Chief, has been his conscience through thick and thin.

One day, after a secret meeting with the FBI, the Chief has a special assignment for him. Saul is picked to take part in a top secret undercover science experiment. In the fascinating novel Between The Lines, the idea is for Saul to become Isabelle Windlow, the daughter of a wealthy arms supplier.

Reluctantly accepting the assignment, Saul puts himself into a task that could rewrite history. After the operation, he learns to adjust being a different person. At the secret sales meeting, Saul reports back what takes place. But Saul, as Isabelle, realizes there could be more happening than he was told, and starts doing his own undercover work.

Vanished: The Search for Sally Hunt begins in , when a being visits Sally in her college dorm, informing her that she has the power to heal others. Carmella became known when she located a young boy in Ohio who was kidnapped and killed by a pedophile. Carmella becomes an anchor for Sally as Sally begins her adult life as a teacher and writer.

The police are frustrated in their search and begin to try other methods, including a psychic who volunteers for the police department. Will the mysterious search for Sally be successful? Two police officers are set a daunting task but, conveniently for them, deliberate tampering with the evidence allows the creation and framing of an obvious suspect. Is Harry guilty or innocent? The plot moves from challenging murders to inexplicable mysteries as more sinister events unfold and, ominously, the threat of future violence may hang above her head! Set from onwards with memorable, if corrupt, police attempting to frame an individual for two brutal murders, this tale is shocking in all its implications.

Perhaps such unsafe verdicts have also happened similarly in recent times! For Angela Crossley recovering from the toughest case of her career so far and the tragic fate of her dearest friend , she has to find the strength to rebuild herself and her career in the Police. Looking for love and a way out she finds her immediate happiness shadowed by misgiving , and soon she is hunting an evil that claws at the furthest reaches her sanity an evil that is impossible to find but feels so close to her that she can almost feel it breathe.

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She has everything to play for and everything to lose. Second in the Angela Crossley series. It is now We follow the unravelling of this mystery, interwoven with passionate affaires involving most of the prime suspects. But now things are harder for working father, Andrew, who is forced to care for his children alone.

Brought in front of a district judge, the agency must respond to the allegations and deal with legal action now brought by Andrew, on behalf of his children. But when events do not work out for the best, it is Melissa who takes action to end the evil reign once and for all. In the fictional West African country of Masoli, an obscure minority tribal member named Ghani Abaku rises up to challenge the incumbent president in a fair election. Just as Ghani is poised to declare victory, a violent military coup forces him into exile.

He joins other political refugees to foment a rebellion aimed at taking their country back. This exciting espionage novel ponders just what kind of future Tomorrow Will Be. In , a 24 year old blonde beauty Fernley Valentine, and his ginger haired cuteasbutton, angelic face friend Jamie Vaughan, a year younger, decide to quite the rag trade as top models from endless travelling all over the world because a rich members' only gay club The Infinity Club in Shepherd Market, Westminster caught their eye.

When told that an initiation sex test is involved with a sinister middleaged owner, Bobby Beaumont, which may allow them to join the other 'boys at the bar' to entertain rich clients, they decide that this was for them, and they pass with flying colours! Living almost within a stone's throw in an apartment block at Marble Arch, it seemed that Fernley had attracted a very rich banker from Hampstead whose son objected with fury, but then hesitated for a reason, while Jamie attracted more of the clientele' that liked the 'teenage type trade', and both with their strange lifestyles and invariable consequences, it was to the extent, that one of their client's, was more deadlier than the male!

Was the heart of Mayfair the right move? Did Shepherd Market with all its past notoriety from the very wealthy to the underworld nook or cranny , bring a dangerous excitement to an educated one from Hampshire and a smart Jewish one from the East End of London, or was it a mistake because destiny had already been written in the stars, for it to be changed!? Will you stroll down to Shepherd Market to its upmarket shops, expensive boutiques, cosmopolitan restaurants, notorious Victorian pubs, lanes and alleyways, because its secret may tempt you to try and linger for a while?

But you must be bold! So are you really ready for the dare, or perhaps, its best to leave well alone? Newly promoted after successfully rising to the greatest challenge of her career, Angela Crossley finds herself once again facing evil head on , but this time her investigative insight is clouded by the burgeoning awareness of her increasing sensitivity to the paranormal. Newly installed at Scotland Yard, she s haunted by the past even as her torrent of inexplicable dreams foretells events and crimes to come with terrifying accuracy.

Her new department s first task is to look into patterns of criminal behaviour find the correlations between crime and criminal, victim and violation, pick up the trail and solve the unsolvable. The past, therefore, is her constant companion , but soon the violent and bloody present intervenes and Angela must come to terms with who she really is before time runs out. What she finds out, about herself and the crimes themselves, no one could have predicted. Terrible secrets hang over Bradford Hall that no amount of riches or social position can hide forever?.

Charlotte Dear,By the time you read this, I will be gone.? I have felt for some time that someone was trying to kill me, but I have been unsure just who and how. That is for you to find out, my dear. Remember, follow Mr. Love you always,Aunt VictoriaCharlotte Bradford is a beautiful heiress who works at her father?

For Charlotte and her police detective boyfriend, Jason Talbot, an unexpected note from a distant aunt soon has them entangled in a decades-old family mystery. From an aristocrat? A detective investigates a murder in San Francisco where a man was stabbed with an antique knife from an old Korean Dynasty. A reporter for a newspaper in financial trouble researches a murder of 2 women while a big hurricane approaches the city.

Dathan Charles Book 1 3rd Edition Coumbe Dione

In the global corridors of power, a group of faceless men is positioning to usurp control of one of the world's primary energy resources: uranium. Climate change looms large. Luke Sinclair is a young, Australian-born professor of mineralogy and an expert in the nuclear-fuel cycle. Up to now, he's led a carefree, hedonistic lifestyle. But things change: Renegade North Korea is about to transfer its illicitly acquired nuclear-weapons technology to Myanmar. The CIA wants to block the development. It enlists the aid of the Australian Secret Intelligence Service. ASIS commandeers Luke, who quickly discovers there are wheels within wheels.

Who has the real power? Who are his real friends? Is the attempt to corner the nuclear market 'The last finesse' of the faceless men who are so fixated on their personal goals that they'll risk a planetary cataclysm? Has ethical behaviour become merely an anachronism in the 21st Century gladiatorial arena?

Some men will stop at nothing in their Lust for Gold The magic it creates The greed it can inspire The lust it brings into the hearts of Men It destroys men It brings righteous men to their knees It gives brutal strength to the evil and greedy Yet some are impervious to its charms. Some have other battles to fight. Jack Sloan follows a trail between Juarez and Santa Fe with several stops along the way. Butch Dixon has been taken for a ride … Not a jump in the car, see the sights kind of ride. He's been taken for everything he has. He's lost his house, his restaurant business, his savings, his car, his best friend, his faith—all to his conniving ex-wife.

But that was seven years ago. He doesn't look back on those bad years; there's no point. Not until two curious cops show up at the Roundhouse. Faith, Butch's ex-wife, has been murdered, and the evidence points to him. Stunned, Butch quickly realizes that the black-hearted woman is going to ruin him again, from her grave. Lucky for Butch, the Old Blue Line, a group of retired—but still sharp and tenacious—former legal and law enforcement coots, have taken it upon themselves, as a favor, to make sure he doesn't cross that thin line.

After the dust settles, Butch's life is again upended—when a little red-haired ball of fire, Sheriff Joanna Brady, takes a seat at his bar. There's an art to capturing gods for electricity, and Chris Copeland is good at his job. Or at least, he was, until his insouciant partner accidentally loosed a pagan god on the world. Luckily, Chris had the good sense to smash the thing over the head with a lamp.

It's dead. Or is it? Six years later, Chris is contacted by Anna Ganz, a brusque, chain-smoking Hungarian detective with a penchant for misusing American profanity. A mysterious serial killer is stalking Budapest, and, in the name of profit, Chris's company isn't going to stop it. It's up to the unlikely team of Chris and Anna to hunt down a god—but can they catch the killer before it's too late?

So when bookseller Delhi Laine gets the opportunity to appraise the late Nate Erikson's library, she jumps at the chance, despite the mysterious circumstances surrounding the illustrator's death. But as she spends more time with the eccentric Erikson clan at the family compound in the Hamptons, Delhi can't help but wonder what really happened to the lost patriarch. When death visits the family once more and another Erikson is found murdered, dark secrets come to light.

Left coping with a charmed family not quite as idyllic as she first believed, Delhi is determined to solve the murders once and for all. But digging up truths can get you dirty. When an FBI Agent finds the body of his murdered girl friend he becomes mentally unhinged and starts a murder spree of his own.

A detective uses hypnotherapy techniques to get into the suspects mind and also matches it up with other clues at the crime scene. The Mereleigh Record Club, a group of something-year-old friends from their old rock and roll days, receives an invitation from a similar group in Japan to visit and assist with a charity fund-raising show.

The best-laid plans of the Japanese go astray due to cultural misunderstandings and a case of mistaken identity. Then the daughter of a friend of one of the group, who is an entertainer, goes missing in Japan. The shadowy hand of the Yakuza crime syndicate is believed to be behind her sudden disappearance, and the faction puts heavy pressure on the record group to cancel its tour of Japan.

Will the woman be found alive? Author Roy Vaughan draws from his personal knowledge of Japan to compile this fast-moving novel. For many years he worked as a journalist covering Japanese affairs for the New Zealand Herald. Many situations and characterizations in his book are drawn from real-life experiences, giving it a high degree of realism.

Someone is killing county prosecutors, state attorneys, county probation officers, and the criminals they allow to go free. An old serial killer is up to his old tricks using Native American warrior justice, while leaving authorities baffled. Of the two potential suspects from the old murder cases, one man is sitting in Arizona State Prison.

The other is a former Navy SEAL, a man frustrated with the American justice system that is corrupt and broken, and who has apparently dropped off the face of the earth.

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The same Native American-style torture killing is happening again. After four new murders, Detective Furlough is reaching for straws. This killer is selective about who the next victim will be. Furlough delves into the gruesome realm of Native American vengeance and warrior honor.

His only lead takes him across the Pacific. What will he find there?

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Two boys, Oscar and Johnny, begin to experiment with drugs in an attempt to maintain their "Cool Group Status. Soon, they are both hooked. Struggling to feed their addiction, the boys must hide its use from their loved ones. Johnny begins to lose his hold on reality, developing drug induced psychosis. Although Oscar can barely maintain his own sanity, he still struggles to help his friend battle the addiction.

Eventually, Oscar can no longer help. Johnny, whose out-of-control spiral has now accelerated, unexpectedly murders his own father. When Oscar discovers the crime, he is forced to look inside himself for understanding, forgiveness, and ultimately the strength to defeat his own addiction. Growing up as a pastor's daughter has caused Rachael Watts to live an extremely sheltered life, even in Newark, New Jersey.

All that changes as mid-summer approaches and her best friend, Jess, sets her up on a blind date. Carl Bart is a cute, sensitive, and charming accountant who works in busy Manhattan. However, his mask is soon removed as Rachael awakens from her night out in New York and discovers that she was raped. Heartbroken, the pastor's daughter deviates from her moral teaching, and in her quest for revenge, begins to commit a few crimes of her own. Eventually, her father intervenes and Rachael is forced to decide between drowning in her pain and resurfacing to face her God.

Likewise, this story is based in truth and the way in which I chose to tell it was meant to be unorthodox and liberating. Putting it simply, it is a dark masterpiece. A man aids a woman who witnessed a crime. They are running from a ruthless group of private police who want to cover up that crime. Shot in the Dark, first in the Dark Steel Novel series, uncovers an explosive government connection arising out of a sequence of sniper murders that lead directly to the presidential candidates for the elections!

As the story chillingly unfolds, a psychotic killer dancing as a puppet on a string for the highest office in the country, lets loose a reign of terror in the starry city of San Francisco. Private detective Della Steel is sexy and unpredictable, with a backbone of steel and an affinity with knives. But can she solve the most convoluted and high-profile case of her career, even with the help of handsome psycho analyst Darren Hunt, who fires up her hormones?

Will their professional relationship develop into something more exciting, or will the killer mark her first? This fast-paced suspense novel weaves intricate intrigue with a memorable cast of characters, and cleverly reaches its climax with wit, character, and heart. The more Wilson thinks about it, the more he feels this simple plan might actually work.

But then, of course, every plan has its shortcomings…. Working as a Legalman paralegal in the Navy, single mother Belle is assigned the biggest case of her career just after being stationed at the Norfolk Naval Base. Belle never expected that uncovering the facts in the complex case will place her and everyone around her in grave danger. When Belle meets Jorge, a third-year medical school student and aspiring naval officer who works in a bar on base, his rude and obnoxious exterior soon gives way to kindness.

As Belle finds herself in a series of high-stakes circumstances, Jorge becomes her greatest ally. What will Belle and Jorge have to face to discover the truth behind the case? Imperfectly Matched delivers gripping drama and unforgettable thrills as it reaches its rewarding conclusion. A family discovers that someone wants to destroy them. When they discover who they are caught completely off guard. A young girl is murdered on a dark highway during the winter of Fifteen years later, the crime sets in motion a string of events that provoke carnage and mayhem.

Jack Sloan and his girlfriend, Darlene, are caught in the middle. Readers of other Jack Sloan novels will recognize the geography of the beautiful barrancas and the Sangre de Cristo Mountains. Much of the action takes place near Flagstaff in and around the ponderosa pine forests that climb to the timberline. The drug wars created the story, now Jack Sloan writes the conclusion.

He wakes up bound and strung up naked in the salon. The SeaOx is underway, but who is at the helm? A well-built young man appears and tells Andre he has given him a sedative. The hijacker found revealing photos of Andre and Elspeth and wants to make both of them pay. Andre is tied up and given an injection. His lover Elspeth is also shaken down for money. Who are these thieves and what is their ultimate goal?

The suspense continues in the next book in the series. When two teenage girls are raped by brutish mercenaries and the witnesses murdered while the thugs are helped to evade justice. Forrest King and Catherine Jordan track the culprits to Greece where they infiltrate the private island of Stefano Balasi, the crime boss who employs the thugs. Determined to make the mercenaries pay for the rapes, Forrest, Catherine and their friends back in England soon find themselves the targets of an ancient demonic cult whose followers have a taste for human flesh.

Elliot Major accepts an assignment from the Inex Pharmaceutical Corporation in Dubai to impersonate Robert Sinclair, an incapacitated rogue scientist in their employ. When Helen meets Elliot, she is unaware he is posing as Robert.

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She confirms that he previously spoke to her about Yellowstone and that he was getting proof that people died during their experiments. Elliot falls in love with Helen and feels guilty about the deception, but before he can explain the ruse, he finds her brutally murdered in her apartment.

New York City Trip City Street spawned all of the boys who became men that made it to the silent inner circle. A crime syndicate with an established hierarchy has its continued success resting solely on the integrity of the middle man. Switching identities, Brendan assumes control of the brothel and Jack begins preaching about the true nature of Christianity and the meaning of life.

Book Of Enoch - R. H. Charles (Epic Audio Version)

But Brendan and Jack are unaware of the true nature of St. Pious Church until they get a visit from a recently murdered priest. Close to a dangerous secret, they will have to fight corrupt officials and criminals alike if they are going to make it out alive in this funny, action-packed adventure. Leave your ideology and delusion at the door and step inside the real world of the titanic, soul destroying struggle of the Whistle — blower within the dark depths of the NHS, the David against Goliath of all battles that will either make or break you but nothing in between.

If you dare to dare by standing strong for what you believe to be right then be prepared to have the whole armoury employed against you in the name of desperate NHS cover up. Be prepared to be, in the eyes of everybody from your Employer through to the Employment Tribunals Service, viewed as nothing other than a threat to the status quo to be stopped at all costs. Be prepared, above all else, to have your belief in the system and justice extirpated as you struggle, potentially, as I did, alone and devoid of legal representation, to break down the door of truth to an institution that has a lot to hide Chasing Columbus is the first in a breathtaking new series of four books bringing the past into the present.

Never have the events of history seemed as pertinent to the modern day as Guy Trepanation battles against evil forces of conspiracy intent on destroying him and changing the course of history. A fast paced adventure thriller that takes the reader on a journey from the Caribbean to Asia. Originally discovered by Columbus on his epic voyage of discovery and mysteriously spirited away amidst a background of deceit and intrigue, the hunt is on for these two ancient legendary religious icons.

The priceless value and power which these crosses allegedly posses is the theme and lure of for this action packed thriller, which carries you through a host of different historical times, facts and places, which the author skillfully and gradually brings together via a roller coaster ride of complex and exciting escapades transporting you from Europe to the Caribbean in this nail biting story. A sequel to Borough Men, the story moves into the nineteen-eighties, but still turns on the gritty reality of criminal investigation in that era.

David Solomons is now a detective sergeant on the regional crime squad with an underworld scalp to his credit and a contract on his head. By now an item, Wendy and Sol revert to clandestine means to pursue their enquiries. The sinister trail leads them to a day centre for youngsters and then to Spain where they access an international mailing list.

Alone, Sol visits an accommodation address in London, and attempts to check the vehicle registration number of a royal page. The couple are preparing to marry when, in the interest of national security, a decision is taken to facilitate the underworld contract on Sol. Dave Woolf, solicitor and private eye, has had respectability thrust upon him.

In public, that is. Would Woolf, asked the petrified publisher, check up on this bizarre accusation? A woman uncovers a plot to kill her grandmother and the theft of her estate. She must find a way to thwart the conspirators. Readers will not be able to put down The Vatican Conspiracy, the latest thrilling adventure by Jonathan Cross.

Senator, a young Jesuit priest, and a covert military operative to stop drug cartels from selling drugs to children. Will he be successful? The action twists and turns continually as this mystical thriller rushes to its stunning conclusion. Vatican Conspiracy is a must-read for suspense fans. A detective, bored of mundane local crimes, looks into an international case of murders which then uncover a major conspiracy. Saddened by his recent loss, young Jake Walker is left alone without a family to take care of him.

Then he learns that a terrifying creature is lurking in the shadows. He realizes that he has stumbled into a nightmarish world where none have survived. With every turn he makes, something evil stalks not only him but also the local town of Laymor. Trying to help Jake out, Sam, the recently appointed chief of police, discovers there is a murderer on the loose. While in pursuit of the villain, he becomes frozen in fear when he sees a creature right out of his nightmares. Now, Sam must go beyond his own sense of justice to avenge a fallen friend. Together these two must find out what is lurking in the shadows and drive it into the open.

Will they be successful? Rogue intelligence agent Aaron Ryan is a loner and borderline sociopath who has been working in covert operations for a governmental intelligence agency. As such, he is accustomed to using violence and terror as a means to achieving an end. Independence day, a day for celebration, but not in America's most revered convent and orphanage. How could these events be linked to the murder of a retired wheelchair-bound actress in New Zealand's picturesque Bay of Islands?

Steve Dalton, an electronics graduate living in a sleepy Cheshire village, had no idea the turn his life would take on a business trip to Malaysia. After pulling off the deal of a lifetime, he finds himself in danger, embroiled in a web of crime and murder that reaches from China to the Middle East and Africa.

As he navigates the hazardous terrain of illicit drugs, bogus medicines and vice, Steve needs to figure out if there is anyone he can trust if he is going to uncover the deeper motivations of the criminal syndicate—motivations that may just hit a little close to home in The Strangling of Satan. In St. In a spin of fate and circumstance the young couple is propelled through time to and provided an opportunity to stop the assassination of John F. But is there a second gun man?

The reputed shooter behind the grassy knoll? Perhaps, John and Tammy reason, it is better not to rewrite history. Armed with a video camera they seek evidence that Oswald did not act alone and then fi nd themselves once again the victims of fate, and now the target of a nationwide manhunt.

Captured, arrested and held responsible for the murder of the President, the Attorney General seeks Supreme Court approval to assert the death penalty. While there is strong evidence of guilt, there is compelling evidence that shows it impossible for John and Tammy to have had anything to do with the crime of the century. Mark Crizlanek is trapped in a loveless marriage and a dead-end job-clerking at a local supermarket. One night while he is working, an old high school friend named Trevor Gates shows up and brags about his new job with an online movie service. Mark is envious until he discovers what Trevor's job really is: a terrorist operation run by the Cappellas, the most ruthless Mafia family in the Midwest.

Anyone standing in their way gets their DVDs delivered in a very explosive manner. Shortly thereafter, Mark's lover and manager are murdered. He is immediately labeled as the prime suspect, and the Cappellas' lawyers make Mark an offer he can't refuse: Cooperate and the murder change goes away.

But something goes wrong and Mark is sentenced to 75 years in prison. On the way to prison, the Cappellas hijack the bus and Mark escapes. He's ordered by his liberators to team up with some rough characters and a volatile plan is set in action that Mark, unwillingly, must be a part of. Wanted by the authorities and the mob, he must play both sides to avoid the wrath of each-with deadly consequences. With breathless pacing and heart-pounding action, Greg Przywara's IVD has twists and turns that bring this bada-bing exciting novel to an explosive and dramatic ending. There are only two known survivors when the Louisville Star riverboat sinks in a rain storm south of Port Gibson, Mississippi in One is a riverboat gambler, and the other a six-month-old white baby boy that he rescued.

The two wash ashore at a cotton plantation north of Natchez. An old black man who lives on the plantation is given the task of caregiver, raising the boy to adulthood. The year is now and the story shifts to the New Orleans nightclub scene, with its riverboat cruises, jazz music and Creole cuisine. Is it possible The Mystery of the Louisville Star can have a fairytale ending? Although Dr. Allyson Brittmore is a well-trained emergency room physician, nothing has prepared her for the mysterious chain of events following the death of a teenager from the highly contagious disease of meningitis.

In the medical thriller Meningitis, Allyson is the newest physician on staff at Houston's Memorial Hospital. She becomes the target of a peer review committee when it investigates the deadly spread of meningitis within the hospital staff. The facts in each death, Allyson's close observations, and her involvement in each case provide hospital administrators with all the evidence needed to bar Dr. Brittmore from treating any more patients with meningitis. Allyson seems to always be in the wrong place at the right time, and gets involved in diagnosing another case.

She finds herself in the middle of a cover up, when she suspects a connection between TB skin tests and the cause of the epidemic. When the news media discovers the meningitis epidemic at the hospital, Allyson finds an unlikely ally in Helen Mayes, a pushy reporter and former RN. Mayes convinces Dr. Brittmore to share her suspicions with Homicide Detective Joe Mullins, and surrender a bottle of TB fluid as evidence. Allyson continues to ask too many questions, as she works through the maze of possible suspects connected to the hospital's research.

Who will be the next victim in this supposed place of healing? War battered Civil War veteran returns home and then travels out west with his newly adopted family to stake a claim on range land. A man drinks himself silly in a bar and wakes up to find himself a prime suspect in a murder case. Tom McGuire, a retired U. Army Military Police colonel and retired local sheriff, is enjoying having his four daughters home for Christmas. The Secretary of Defense has ordered Tom back to active duty to take command of a terrorism task force investigating a possible nuclear attack on America.

Tom has his daughters assigned to the task force, and they learn that the terrorist threat was a hoax. While conducting the investigation, a riverboat explodes in the middle of the Illinois River and over five hundred people die. Most of those killed were prominent African Americans on a political fundraising cruise. The anti-terrorism investigation and the riverboat explosion become linked, so the task force is now investigating the disaster. The twists and turns in the breathtaking novel Daddy Six Actual keep Tom and his daughters on edge and in danger.

After one daughter is nearly killed, Tom suffers a heart attack, and his daughters are left to finish out the operation. They learn to depend upon each other and their faith even more. Something from the past was destined to haunt her for a very long time. Mercy, a compassionate nun and an orphan, quits the nunnery in Ghana after receiving a vision for a calling outside the convent.

Mercy launches into a new life in her homeland of Nigeria, which is rife with poverty, pain, harassment, loneliness and gender prejudice, as well as abuse, betrayal, murder, revenge, blackmail and decadence. Possessing such qualities as determination, courage, sacrifice, perseverance and faith, Mercy surmounts many obstacles to become a career-oriented counselor.

Her work is everything, until she meets and marries Nick, a dashing multi-millionaire widower. This spellbinding novel is complete with lessons on resilience, irony and the audacity of hope. It is also an intriguing thriller, fraught with idiosyncrasies and providence. Stigma from the Past shows that this is indeed a small world, where we are some way or the other related, and the person you plan to destroy just might be your own flesh and blood.

A women helps a man get back a file and discovers that it contains information that could potentially harm the global banking system. A doctor takes his wife on a cruise off South Wales and gets mixed up in a plot to kill the Royal Family. Anton Dale, an ex-Royal Marine, is recruited by a clandestine organization as a professional assassin, hired to combat the growing threat of global drug abuse. As he is about to begin his assignment, Anton meets a beautiful woman of Colombian descent and falls in love.

An avalanche of action and daring thrills await Anton as he travels the world killing to order, his love interest helping along the way. As events come to a head, and the journey of Anton seems to reach a conclusion, readers of the suspenseful and entertaining Memoirs of the Browning Man will be left guessing and wanting more! The opposition takes a deadly turn when a zealot detonates an explosive during the first hearing on the proposal and Graves is hospitalized.

During his recovery, he meets Dr. Victoria Bennett, a woman with a complicated past. Unaware of her background, they become involved. When tragedy later strikes, Graves resorts to his combat experience in Iraq to track down her murderer, who has fled to Rio. Escape seems impossible. This international thriller will leave you breathless and with No Escape. Because of a suspected murder, Deputy Sheriff Beverly Trotwood is assigned to work undercover at a mailing service.

She soon discovers two things: the job is not only very hard work, but a blood-soaked corpse has been left atop a pile of mailbags. In a darkened mailroom filled with plenty of shenanigans, the bad guys are defeated. So who did the killing and why?

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And what happens to Bev after she solves the case of the Deadly Letters? Everything was going so well at popular and picturesque Cider Run Antiques until one rainy night in May. Then the unthinkable happened. When a centuries-old stone building is transformed into an antiques shop, a lively mix of dealers is brought together.

They are witty, antiques-savvy and companionable, and the shop is an outstanding success. But beneath the surface of high-spirited banter and good times, a dark undercurrent is growing. Who could have committed murder and left, locking the door behind, if not one of the dealers?

To help the police detective in his investigation, the dealers agree to hold a marathon talk session, knowing the answer might destroy everything. Set in the Appalachians of central Pennsylvania, the story combines historical lore of the area, collectors' obsessions and the compelling passions of dealers to tell a tale. A gifted artist is involved in a murder plot that may ruin his life. Pacific Incident is a fascinating, well-plotted thriller, with compelling characters and genuine suspense.

Bad Man by Dathan Auerbach: | Books

While on a cruise, jet-setting retiree couple, Biddy and Justin uncover an extremist jihadist plot designed to punish Australia for deploying troops to Afghanistan. Extremists have smuggled a suitcase sized nuclear device aboard the ship the couple are cruising on, and plan to destroy the famous Sydney Harbor Bridge. But to prevent the plan from being carried out, Biddy and Justin must stop Rukan, a Christian born woman who was kidnapped by the Taliban as a child and brainwashed into becoming a nuclear terrorist.

Having infiltrated the ship as an aesthetician, Rukan is intrigued by the ways of the west. But will her curiosity be enough to dissuade her from carrying out this spectacular act of terror? Financial crisis, possible divorce, murdered parents, state water loss, ranchers moving East, a near death experience, running from the law, and more murders make this action-packed life of Pris Trace an almost complete disaster.

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