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Please pause what you are doing and go read this book. Reading it will get you excited to own your financial life and will be worth millions to you Apr 17, Stephanie rated it liked it Shelves: reviewed , netgalley , finance , nonfiction. This was a good, quick financial read told in the form of a parable. I wasn't sure I'd like to read about finances through a fictional story, but I ended up enjoying the format! Zoey is a young career professional who constantly feels broke Frustrated by never having money for what she wants, her boss advises her to speak to Henry, a local barista.

This book had good, solid advice with graphs and charts to demonstrate various things such as compound interest. Though it wasn't necessarily anything new to me, it was presented in an interesting way and was motivating and inspiring which is what I generally look for in a finance book.

All in all, I liked it. It offered some basic advice for beginners, and some that I'll take to heart and use myself. Some of the topics, like investing, will need to be explored further than what the book offered, but it got me thinking, which I appreciated. Apr 04, Lance Eustache rated it it was amazing. The Latte Factor is the book I wish was available when I started reading money books. While David Bach 's Latte Factor theory is not new, this is the first book of his that focus on that strategy with some short mentions of the other things that was discussed in Mr.

Bach's other books such as The Automatic Millionaire. The Latte Factor is the perfect first book for people who want to learn financial literacy or it can be refresher to those who have already read a money book or two. Apr 03, Steve rated it it was amazing. Having read one of his other financial books, I was interested in reading this one as he had mentioned the "Latte Factor" elsewhere. This book takes the form of a story of a young woman with some financial struggles to showcase the financial and life principles the author wants to share with his audience.

The book was a quick and easy read and I think he gets across his message fairly well. Apr 07, Joan rated it it was amazing Shelves: self-help. I read an online preview of this book via NetGalley, and sit in awe of David Bach's ability to tell impactful, meaningful stories. I needed to read this right now, as I face a retirement that will not provide for our dreams unless we make immediate changes. This book is at the core of our 'how. If you're in high school or college, start applying this book's principles today - they will make all the difference down the road. Jun 01, Erica Fraser rated it did not like it.

Do not bother with this book. It is poorly written and seems like a money magazine article that someone tried to stretch into a book. There are many other books on saving that are much better than this. Apr 05, Kimberly Wood rated it it was amazing. Amazing book.

Latte Wars

Mar 24, Joshua Culbertson rated it it was amazing. The Latte Factor is quite possibly the best finanybook I have ever read. View all 3 comments. May 15, Sophie rated it liked it Shelves: netgalley , arc. Thank you Simon and Schuster Canada for making the book available for me. I have read it and so has my husband. It looks like many of the characters in the book are fictitious.

They Iive in New York City so it is always a basis for good story. My husband and I have been investing our savings for decades now. He even started long before I met him so he is very familiar with most aspects of personal finance and the power of compounded interest and investing money into a k.

We both have read Thank you Simon and Schuster Canada for making the book available for me. We both have read numerous books about personal finance. We know that there is a lot of money to save but not buying a latte every day, bringing your own lunch to work with some exceptions , etc. As a result, we did not really learn anything new in the field of personal finance from this book.

This said, the book is well written and is easy to read. The information can be found in textbooks but this format is fun to read because it reads like a novel. Sep 02, Katelyn Jenkins rated it it was amazing Shelves: finance-tbr , fiction , short-stories. This book gave me outrageous happiness. If you feel you are doing terribly with money, and not living life the way you would have expected by this time in your life, this book will give you both a simile AND a sense of hope. Finance told in an unexpected, creative way.

Jun 20, Kelsey rated it really liked it. A bit cheesy, but drives a great idea about saving for retirement. Easy, short read that made sense to someone who doesn't understand all the ins and outs of the financial world. As I kept watching the episode, I liked and understood what David was saying about his book and his work. Within a week I started seeing ads of this book on Instagram by the publisher's branch set here in India.

I immediately emailed them asking for a review copy and the publishers were kind enough to send me one. And I am glad I sent that email because it was absolutely worth the time and effort. This book did make me think of my finances differently and in a positive way. Though the book is set in the US, I could find the equivalent policies here in India and I am actually for the first time researching what is available and what can be done with the money I already have. This book definitely made me realise that I am richer than I think and I could be more with a few changes in my lifestyle and mindset.

I highly recommend this book to everyone! Thank you to the publishers, Simon and Schuster India, for sending me a review copy. For more reviews please visit www.

The ideal reader is the individual who is just starting out in their career and in their early twenties. Apr 25, Samantha rated it it was amazing. This is the first personal finance book I've read in this particular format. David Bach tells a parable of year old Zoey who feels lost and seeks guidance for her future. Zoey travels from Brooklyn to the Freedom Tower in Manhattan everyday for work. Her job demands around 50 hours a week but it doesn't ever seem to pay enough to keep up her lifestyle. She doesn't live Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for providing me with an advanced copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

She doesn't live extravagantly; she has a roommate, she doesn't have a car, she doesn't travel, etc. However, she still has a mountain of debt in credit cards and student loans. Whenever she finds something she'd love to do like traveling or purchasing a beautiful piece of art, she spits out the common refrain, "I can't afford it".

She ends up meeting a man of seemingly humble means who teaches her the three simple lessons to financial freedom. I didn't quite relate to that story of his, but this parable of Zoey did speak to me. While I am not 27, I am close to that age and she has many of the same spending habits that catch me up when trying to save. Bach lays out three very simple keys to success. They seem commonsense but many many people don't realize they aren't doing these things and they should!

I'm a huge fan of personal finance books and I would highly recommend this fast but motivating book. Fans of Jean Chatzky or Gaby Dunn would love this book. Honestly, immediately after reading the galley, I pre-ordered the book and signed up for follow-up materials on Bach's website. I also checked out two of his previous books, "The Automatic Millionaire" and "Smart Couples Finish Rich", from the library to read next. No more lattes for me! This little but powerful book is full of great tips and advice about money.

David Bach Has Some Advice for Advisors | ThinkAdvisor

It's perfect for new graduates seriously, get this book for anyone graduating high school or college this year or anyone who may not be able to see the bigger picture when it comes to their finances. Written as a fun and smart parable about a 27 year old named Zoe who lives paycheck to paycheck and can't fathom how she can do more with her money, the book conveys important messages in a relatable way that anyone can un This little but powerful book is full of great tips and advice about money. Written as a fun and smart parable about a 27 year old named Zoe who lives paycheck to paycheck and can't fathom how she can do more with her money, the book conveys important messages in a relatable way that anyone can understand.

Most people aren't taught about finances in school or home, and all over the internet are articles about "broke millennials". This book shows you how budgets don't work, but small changes in daily habits do. Giving up small things today can yield big things over time, and this book shows you exactly how to do it. Most of us don't know what life will look in 10, 20, or 30 years. It's not really a book, more like a Sophie's World of Finance for Dummies or what you should have learned in Economics class in high-school.

It's OK if you really don't know that retirement accounts exist for a reason so you can retire when you can't work any more, get it? It doesn't really explain anything, so you can't learn more than an excel sheet will tell you. Maybe there are people in the US who It's not really a book, more like a Sophie's World of Finance for Dummies or what you should have learned in Economics class in high-school.

Maybe there are people in the US who have no idea that drinking expensive coffee and eating lunch in a restaurant every day uses up a lot of their personal income that doesn't go towards paying off loans. Now I'm just glad that in Europe we don't have a choice and contribute by default to at least a public retirement fund plus all the private ones we can afford. I never thought I could be a millionaire, but it seems like if I follow my common sense, I may one day be one. To conclude, don't read this book unless you are really helpless and you hate money so much that you can't make it stick to your wallet long enough to get you your own home and life in order.

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Apr 10, Matthew Cahill rated it really liked it Shelves: personal-finance. I've been a fan of Bach's work since I first read The Automatic Millionaire after graduating college in In the Latte Factor, Bach distills 20 years' of his teachings into an engaging, relatable novel.

The storytelling approach to personal finance lessons is effective. May 25, Cat rated it did not like it. A waste of time unless you legitimately have no clue about your finances.

Meet The Automatic Millionaire

The same common sense advice, repackaged and told in a drawn out story with fictional characters. May 23, Lindsay rated it did not like it. Just read Sallie Krawcheck and Ellevest articles. This is frustrating because the idea behind the book is solid: use your money to bring you joy. May 12, Gina rated it really liked it. TLF is written as a fiction story instead of the charts and graphs and endless data of many personal finance books. It's Bach's same advice but presented in a way that's easy to relate to your life.

I've read most of David Bach's books and liked them all. Don't get hung up on "Latte". No one, including Bach, is saying you have to give up your favorite coffee every day. The point is most all of us have something we spend money on without thinking about it too much, or maybe at all. Be honest, when's the last time you actually used that gym membership?

McDonald's breakfasts anyone? It's a quick read, only pages, with the charts and worksheets at the back of the book. One or two afternoons to finish. There are a lot of lifestyle gurus that base their philosophies on the same principle: Live with intention, Mindfulness, Live in the moment, Joyful living, etc. The points I took away are: 1. It doesn't matter how much money you get started with, just start. Make it automatic.

If you don't have to think about it, it just happens and you won't be tempted to not do it. Live well now. Yes, saving for retirement is really important, but there's a lot of life to be lived between now and then. Put your retirement savings on automatic and set up a separate savings account for something for something you want to do this year or next. Take a class, a trip, or buy that special thing that you have been drooling over. If you are a follower of Marie Kondo, you will get what Bach is saying: Surround yourself only with items that bring you joy and you will be living rich now.

Jun 16, Nikita Garg rated it liked it. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. It is a self-help book narrated in the form of fiction with a female protagonist named Zoey. Zoey is a girl in her late twenties, working for a publishing house and barely making ends meet. Her encounter with a guy named Henry gives her a perspective on some basic things in life revolving around money. Zoey, a quite relatable character, and her problem with managing her finances actually echo what majority of the millennial are going through today.

The book is very simple to understand. In fact, the title of the book gave away a lot, at least for me.

The book is called the Latter Factor for a reason. The book basically wants us to ponder over what is that one redundant thing we can cut back on and in turn invest in something more useful or important. No getting tempted by the cardinal sin of avaritia. Overall the book is a decent and informative read. Helping them become CEOs of multimillion-dollar businesses: Running a larger RIA requires a different skill set from being a day-to-day financial advisor.

They do online marketing. All that helps them grow their businesses and get new clients. Our goal is quality. We tend to have real nice financial advisors. So, is this book directed at women?

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As we make more money, we typically spend more money. The system is set up for us to spend every dollar we make and more. Marketers are really good at targeting us to spend more. People are spending more now because of online influence. There are many advisors who live beyond their means. Right now, the industry is geared toward working with retirees and is ignoring millennials. The easiest way to show how much you care and love your clients is to make sure you care about and love their children.

Your father Martin Bach, now 79, was a successful financial advisor for 30 years. What was the most important advice your dad gave you about being an FA? Lesson No. If you put the client first, the business takes care of itself. She is the founder of www. More from this author.

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